Let's Get Through the Election Process - United! (A Must Read!) by Jennifer Young

3 years ago
Let's Get Through the Election Process - United! (A Must Read!)

Election Day – a day we each get a chance to practice our voting rights as Americans. A simple action that we may have taken for granted. In so many countries, its men have zero rights and their women even less. The turnout on any election day is going to be positive for one side and not the other. Like any sports game we watch. We need to be mindful of both sides like we would at those sporting events. 

If we choose to not come together as one with either outcome, we will never grow as a country. We will continue on the path of divide. So I ask you fellow Americans, can we, as a people, thrive as one and show the world how amazing America is?

Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
Yaaaas! You said it, Jennifer Young! We are all on the same team and have to remember to be Americans first. Thank you for helping to spread this much-needed message! xoxo
Great tip now more than ever.

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