The Secret Life of Your Teenager Is Real: Why I Don't Think You Should Bury Your Head! by Holly Budde

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7 years ago

The Secret Life of Your Teenager Is Real: Why I Don't Think You Should Bury Your Head!

Teens, drinking and sex are not unfamiliar ground. Hollywood has made a fortune off of it. But now it’s not you or the movies – it is YOUR kid. What do you do? I suggest you remain open with your kids about these topics.

  • If you haven’t always had open communication with your teen, start by keeping the mood light and inviting them to elaborate on comments you make.
  • Take cues from TV if you have to, but start by having fun and allowing them to see you are human, too.
  • Let them to ask you anything without punishment. In my house, my daughter knows I will come pick her up anytime and anywhere. I may be mad, but Mom being upset is far better than her being hurt, hurting someone else or compromising herself.

Teens do "teen things." Let them know beforehand that it’s OK, you expect it (within reason!). And make sure they know that you are always there for them.

Elisa Schmitz
Yep, we all go through this stage. First as teens ourselves, and then as parents. Funny how much harder it is the second time around, LOL! Thanks for the great tip, Holly Budde!
Margaret Steck
Love this! I so agree with you Holly Budde and Elisa All 30SecondMom! Keeping the mood light is critical so that they don't clam up, thinking they're being judged or punished.
Ann Marie Patitucci
Yes to all of this! I've worked with teens and young adults my entire career and I can tell you that teens appreciate all of the above from their parents. Thanks, Holly Budde !

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