Kids Can't Sleep? How to Wind Them Down With a Bedtime Sensory Exercise! by Jocelyn Greene

7 years ago

Kids Can't Sleep? How to Wind Them Down With a Bedtime Sensory Exercise!

Want a new way to wind down at bedtime? Try a "senses" exercise. Mindful listening, seeing, tasting and feeling can really relax kids, enhance mindfulness and get them out of their heads before sleeping. After your usual bedtime routine, pick a favorite ideal location (my son and I use the beach). Walk them through two to five things for each of the senses that they might find in that spot. For example: 

  • "You can hear the sound of the waves ... the gulls. 
  • You can smell the salt air ... the picnic food. 
  • You can see the sails of the boats ... the crabs.

This gives a little structure for you to help them with a sweet meditative journey before bed.

Donna John
Love this idea, Jocelyn Greene! Would work great for adults, too!
Jocelyn Greene
Ha! Yes - absolutely Donna John . Great thought. I may have to try this tonight myself.
Elisa Schmitz
This is awesome! I'm relaxed just reading it. Thank you, Jocelyn Greene!
Jocelyn Greene
So happy this is helpful Elisa All 30SecondMom - A pleasure to contribute!
Kelli Porcaro
Haha... Yes, totally can see using this when my mind is running through my to do list endlessly! Thanks Jocelyn Greene
Kim Kusiciel
I am sharing this with a friend. She was just asking for some tips to help her little ones fall asleep.

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