​Add Autumn Color to Your Yard: Fall Gardening Tips From the Experts! by Donna John

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7 years ago

​Add Autumn Color to Your Yard: Fall Gardening Tips From the Experts!

Although spring is widely considered prime planting season, fall is actually an optimal time for homeowners to add color and plot a vision for next year's landscape. "Autumn is the perfect time to assess landscaping needs and fill any gaps that exist in your landscape," said Bailey Nurseries brand manager and horticulturist Natalia Hamill. "And while you're at it, you can add plants that provide a pop of color – like a throw pillow for your garden." Here are their top fall gardening tips!

  • Take inventory: Decide what and where your landscape is lacking and plug the gaps now.
  • Multi-season interest: Consider adding plants that offer color for more than one season.
  • Attention to temperature: Different plants react in varied ways to temperature swings, so minding your region's weather patterns is a must. Check this hardiness zone map.
  • Look long-term: Achieving the ideal landscape doesn't happen overnight. Establish a vision for what you want your garden to look like, then understand that many trees and shrubs take several years to reach mature size.

These plants provide instant color in fall and can keep a landscape looking beautiful for years to come:

Kelli Porcaro
ooo, thanks for the tip and perfect timing! Planning on hitting the garden store this weekend to do some fall planting!
Donna John
I love gardening, @kellischulte. I tend to buy plants all the time, which drives my husband crazy. :-)
Kelli Porcaro
Haha I get it!! We just moved into a new house last fall that only had landscaping in the front. It's a blank canvas and fun starting over. You would have a field day!! :)
Donna John
Yes, I would, Kelli Schulte! I look for holes in our flower beds so I can fill it with something. And my husband said just recently, "No more potted plants ... please." I can't help myself. It's an addiction. :-)

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