Got Teens? Got 48 Hours? Then Here's a Challenge for You! by Kelli Porcaro

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6 years ago
Got Teens? Got 48 Hours? Then Here's a Challenge for You!

I’m a verbal processor. I have to talk everything out loud, even if no one else is in the room. (I know… awkward.) Recently, I was processing out loud with a friend and she reacted with a series of things I “should” do. Whoa. I wasn’t asking for a solution. Maybe a shake of the head every now and then, or a few “hmmms,” but definitely not a solution. I left the conversation feeling defensive. AND THEN IT HIT ME. How many times PER DAY do I do this with my kids!? If I LISTEN and FIX, how am I impacting their:

  • confidence
  • ability to apply consequential thinking and navigate their emotions 
  • willingness to share with me in the future

For the next 48 hours, I worked on: 

  • listening
  • empathizing
  • being curious

It was a lot harder than it sounds, but it opened up a lot of conversation!

Elisa Schmitz, 30Seconds
Oh, great great points, Kelli Schulte! I have a bunch of teens I can try this with, thanks!

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