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Pick Apart Picky Eaters: Quick Tips From Author Elizabeth Pagel-Hogan! by Donna John

7 years ago
Pick Apart Picky Eaters: Quick Tips From Author Elizabeth Pagel-Hogan!

Yuck! Gross! No way! If you’ve got a picky eater, it’s a good bet that you’ve heard at least one of those statements at mealtime. Some kids are just resistant to trying a variety of foods. Luckily, we have Elizabeth Pagel-Hogan (@OneSweetWriter), author of My Food Notebook, on hand to help! 

Q: How do you help your picky eater try new foods?

Q: How do you get kids to eat foods they want to avoid?

Q: How do you avoid dinnertime battles?

  • Serve food family style.
  • Don’t use dessert as a reward or punishment.
  • Remind them of times they’ve tried it and liked it.

Q: How do you encourage your picky eater to be open to trying new foods?

  • Often kids can’t remember foods they’ve tried. Help kids keep a list of what they have tried and liked.
  • Don’t force kids to eat when they aren’t hungry.

Q: How many times should food be offered to a picky eater?

  • Parents often give up after two to three “yucks.” It may take up to 20 tries before a child decides they like a certain food.
  • Kids need to see and smell before they taste.
  • Make it familiar and offer choices of new foods.

Q: What can parents do to encourage kids to try new foods?

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