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How to Build Your Brand, Make Money & Grow With Erica Diamond! by Cheryl Leahy

4 years ago
How to Build Your Brand, Make Money & Grow With Erica Diamond!

Do you want to make money? Do you want your brand to GROW? We chatted with Erica Diamond, the leading expert on helping women Get Off the Fence. She helps women grow their brand and monetize online. You might have seen Erica during her weekly parenting segment on Global TV, read one of her articles on Huffington Post, or heard about her global Get Off the Fence movement. Make sure to check out her website and become inspired to LIVE!

Q: What are the different ways you monetize online?

A: You can monetize with banner ads and selling ad space. You can sell your own ad space (start local) or using Google Adsense. You can also use a media company to monetize such as Glam Media (like I do).

Q: What are some other ways to monetize online?

A: Once you’ve built up some good traffic, you can start reaching out to corporate sponsors. Create your media kit. You can hit the PR firms for the brands you want to represent, or go direct to the brand! This is where investing in a good SEO plan is wise – it can help build your traffic, hence make your site more attractive to sponsors. Tip: Start building your list immediately. Have that OPT IN or SUBSCRIBE button front and center.

Q: What about being a spokesperson or paid brand ambassador?

A: This is when building that “community” becomes important – brands will pay money to target their products to your community. You create a mix of sponsored posts, sponsored video YouTube series, Twitter parties and tweets, Facebook postings. Also Instagram photos, TV and radio appearances, magazine interviews and sponsored events as a hired spokesperson.

Q: What about creating webinars, self-published e-books (Kindle Publishing), tele-seminars?

A: Have something to teach? Create your own webinars, e-books, tele-seminars and sell them on your site or opt to sell others’ (called affiliate links)! Self publishing can be very lucrative and a great way to build your brand. If you don’t have your own courses to sell, find a product you believe in and sell on your site for commission – affiliate marketing.

Q: How do you promote your brand on a shoestring budget?

A: Guest blog on other sites who target the audience you want (don’t forget all the sharing social media buttons). Cross promote – find your tribe and help promote each others’ products/services/blogs. Regarding PR and media booking, you are your best PR agent!

Q: So, what is the trick to getting booked in the media?

A: We know media attention feeds your business. Storytelling. The media loves stories. Give the press a reason to talk about you. What’s your hook? What’s your unique story? Provide tips and value. Example: 5 Ways To Beat The Winter Blues, 5 Healthy Meal Choices for Kids, 5 Money-Saving Strategies, 5 Spring Fashion Trends. Whatever your field, provide tips and solutions to increase your chances of getting booked and showcasing your brand.

Q: Once you establish your voice in your field, what about speaking?

A: I am a fan of speaking for free at the beginning as you build your presence. Why? The benefit is twofold. First, you get to promote your website and build a following while speaking. Secondly, you get invaluable speaking experience and you can start to position yourself as an expert in your field (to be paid later on).

Q: If you have a talent or expertise, how can you parlay that into coaching?

A: I coach women via Skype and telephone right from my home office! Added revenue! People who visit or can see my COACHING tab, hire me, and pay me right there via Paypal!

Make sure to follow Erica on Twitter, check out her Facebook page, website and lifestyle blog!

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