Is Your Money Emergency Ready? 4 Ways to Prepare (Just in Case)! by Laura Greenwald

2 years ago
Is Your Money Emergency Ready? 4 Ways to Prepare (Just in Case)!

If you live in hurricane, tornado or earthquake country, here are a few ways to make sure that you have everything you'd need in an emergency.

  • Know how much you can take out of the bank per ATM and per day. Know your credit card limits and the number you would need to call for an emergency increase.
  • Have at least one bank account that gives you nationwide access to your money, in case you need to evacuate.
  • Calculate how much money you and your family would need for up to five days and keep that amount in an account that you can easily access.
  • Place copies of a statement/check from each account and copies of your credit and debit cards (front and back) on a password-protected flash drive in your emergency bin and in a safe deposit box in your evacuation location.

You can never be too safe!

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