5 Things You Need to Tell Your Babysitter (One Might Surprise You)! by Marylynne Schwartz

7 years ago

5 Things You Need to Tell Your Babysitter (One Might Surprise You)!

A good babysitter can be more precious than diamonds. However, do you know how to get a new one up to speed to care for your kids?

  1. Share contact info and communication preferences! Do you want hourly updates or to be left alone short of an emergency room visit?
  2. Make fire extinguishers, flashlights and first-aid kits obvious and accessible.
  3. State allergies or food restrictions in explicit terms. For serious cases, set out approved meals and snacks instead of asking the sitter to figure it out.
  4. Walk through routines (like bedtime). It'll make your kids comfortable that nothing will be forgotten if you're not there.
  5. Tell him or her not to answer the door! The sitter is there to watch your child, not play butler. Plus, it helps everyone stay safe.

For a harmonious relationship with your babysitter, everyone must be on the same page. 

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