8 Creative Ideas for Sensory Play With Baby Using Household Items! by Jennison Grigsby

4 years ago
8 Creative Ideas for Sensory Play With Baby Using Household Items!

Trying to figure out ways to entertain your baby? Having trouble finding the right toys to buy? Don't fret. Some of Baby's favorite toys are already in your house! Provide your little one with a variety of sensory experiences by using household items. (Adult supervision required, of course!)

  1. Play with ribbon or silky scarves
  2. Metal strainers are a lot of fun
  3. Cardboard boxes (Need I say more?)
  4. Tupperware containers (minus the leftovers) can be used in many ways for play
  5. Play the drums with pots, pans and wooden spoons
  6. Add water, glitter and food coloring to plastic bottles to create a sensory bottle
  7. Fill plastic jars with popcorn kernels for a homemade shaker
  8. Place cooked spaghetti and Baby in a large plastic bin for a fun (and messy) hands-on experience

Your child will love playing with, and exploring, these homemade – and virtually free – sensory toys!

Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
OMG, this is a great list, Jennison Grigsby! The cooked spaghetti and baby photo sounds kind of icky, but absolutely hilarious. What a moment to capture for blackmail later, LOL! ;-)
Jennison Grigsby
Haha we definitely have a lot of messy fun in this house!

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