Fussy Baby? 6 Simple Strategies to Help Soothe Your Little One! by Kaila Weingarten

6 years ago
Fussy Baby? 6 Simple Strategies to Help Soothe Your Little One!

Baby a little fussy? Try these six tips to help calm the storm!

  • Shush Little Baby - Say "shhhh, shhhhhh" or use white noise (run a vacuum cleaner, white noise machine or hair dryer).
  • Rock a Bye Baby - There's a reason the pictures always shows a rocking chair in the nursery. If your arms hurt, a baby swing can take over!
  • Outside Time and Fresh Air - I used to meet my husband outside when my baby was kvetchy. Miraculously, she usually calmed down.
  • Sing to Your Baby - Your baby won't care what your voice sounds like!
  • Encourage Transitional Objects of Comfort - Give Baby blankets, dolls, a stuffed toy, etc., that he or she associates with calm.
  • Stay Calm Yourself - The HARDEST THING EVER. But I've taken to deep breathing lately, and it kind of helps.

As with every storm, this one, too, shall pass. 

Hudson Baby Plush Security Blanket
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Kaila Weingarten
What do you use to calm your baby? My little ones have all had their time in the swing, and my 4 week old is actually finally sleeping in there now.

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