Guilt-Free Parenting: 4 Strategies You Need to Know Now! by Doctor Harmony

3 years ago
Guilt-Free Parenting: 4 Strategies You Need to Know Now!

Many parents try to give their kids a better childhood than what they received themselves. Yet, there will be times when guilt creeps up on us, such as, "Was I too harsh?” or “Have I spent enough time with my kids?" Guilt makes it difficult to parent positively. Try these four tips! 

  • Remind yourself that you have tried your best. 
  • Regret does not help. Learn from any mistakes. 
  • Forgive yourself. 
  • Your child will always see you as special. No one can replace you as a parent, no matter how angry your child may seem to be with you.

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Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead
Thabks got this, Doctor Harmony! Just what I needed today!

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