Think You Know the Perfect Mom? Bet You Don't! Read This & Find Out Why! by Kaira Rouda

4 years ago
Think You Know the Perfect Mom? Bet You Don't! Read This & Find Out Why!

You may think you see her – envy her – in the other women around you, on television, smiling at school meetings, online in a moms' community or in the house across the street. Stop it. She’s no more “perfect” than you are. I promise. The only perfect mom for your kids is You. The Real You. Those qualities that make you unique are what your child loves most about you. Take a deep breath…

  • It’s time to listen to your intuition
  • Focus on your strengths
  • Celebrate your accomplishments

Know that doing your best isn't just good enough – it's exactly what your kids need.

Kim Kusiciel
I write about this on my personal blog all the time. Thanks for sharing the same sentiment here Kaira Rouda
Marilyn Brown
Thank you so much for sharing such helpful information.

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