Facing Tough Times? Here’s Where to Look for Inspiration When Life Is Hard! by Gail Harris

3 years ago
Facing Tough Times? Here’s Where to Look for Inspiration When Life Is Hard!

When tough times hit, how do you find sustenance? How do you get past your own anxieties and everyone’s around you to be the best mom possible? Are your kids playing peacefully? Isn’t their laughter dependent upon how you face day? Each of us has our story, which feels heavy or light depending on what’s happening. We can greet each day with grace, regardless

Remember, your heart knows the answer. If you have to cry or take some me time, do it. It will bring you sustenance. This may be harder to do during the tough times. So make looking inward a priority.

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Donna John
So important right now, Gail Harris , with everything that's going on with natural disasters. Again, thanks for sharing your wisdom - and yes, the heart does know the answer.

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