I’ve been in the fitness industry since April 2015 with positions from personal trainer, group instructor (HIIT class called Les Mills Grit, bootcamp classes of a wide variety, boxing and kickboxing), and general manager. My first career was in sales and business management and living the lifestyle involved with outside sales/management lead me to be very unhealthy from eating habits, not working out, going out with team members, and lack of sleep. I’ve struggled with anxiety and depression since I was 11 and was on a range of medications for over 10 years. When I started my own fitness journey, I was able to get off all of my medications, sleep through the night, and was a happy person. I’m extremely passionate about health/fitness/nutrition and helping others on their journey. Being the General Manager of Gymguyz, a mobile personal training company, is a dream come true job because we work with a lot of people who are in similar situations to where I was and help them feel confident, strong and happy again.

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