Nadine Briggs, Director of Simply Social Kids, holds dual-graduate level certifications in Coaching Children & Teens and Coaching Children and Teens with ADHD. She is also certified in the Girl Meets World curriculum and has had training through the Child Anxiety Network. Donna Shea, is the Founder of the Peter Pan Center for Social and Emotional Growth and holds a BA in Behavioral Science from Lesley University in Cambridge and is a pioneer in the concept of a non-clinical approach to social-emotional learning. Shea’s award-winning programs have been helping children achieve social success for over fourteen years. Briggs and Shea have certification in bullying prevention through the Massachusetts Aggression Reduction Center.

Both Briggs and Shea are parents of children with specific needs that include Down Syndrome, ADHD, Anxiety, OCD, and Sensory Processing Disorder. They are passionate about helping kids make and keep friends and together formed How to Make and Keep Friends, LLC. Each facilitates community-based social learning groups at their centers in Massachusetts and have created the Social Success in School initiative. This comprehensive group of programs for students, educators, and parents is designed to foster positive social skills and interactions at school and among students. Their focus is to pro-actively prevent bullying before it happens with a focus on strategies and tools to build confidence, promote kindness and empathy, accept differences and teach conflict resolution.
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