Yes, You Feed a Cold: 5 Good Food Choices to Offer a Sick Child! by Dr. Hannah Chow-Johnson

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5 years ago
Yes, You Feed a Cold: 5 Good Food Choices to Offer a Sick Child!

It’s bound to happen – your kids will get a nasty cold. With all the mucus and drainage going on, many kids don’t feel hungry. That's why it’s important to ensure that what they do is eat is good for them. To help thin the mucus and lessen drainage try warm drinks like:

  • chicken broth
  • light tea 
  • apple cider 

To help with a sore throat and cough try:

  • honey, if they are over the age of 2
  • sugar-free Popsicles 

Above all else, make sure they are drinking lots of liquids in order to stay hydrated.

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