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Tornado Safety Tips: 5 Clues & Warning Signs That a Tornado May Develop

Unexpected tornados have spread throughout the south causing damage, destruction and, sadly, deaths. Although this is not typically the time of year these beasts form, the Houston area and anyone in a tornado zone should continue to stay alert and prepared.

Here are the warning signs of a tornado so you can be prepared: 

Tornado Warning Signs

  1. Look for dark skies with hints of green. If you spot dark clouds on the horizon or a sky with hints of green, take it as a signal that a tornado could be coming and that you should be cautious. The green sky effect is created when a setting sun meets with a thick cloud made of water droplets and ice particles. A dark, green sky doesn’t always mean a tornado but the chance of one is high.
  2. The formation of a long, rotating cloud commonly known as the funnel cloud. A funnel cloud is the most commonly known sign of a tornado. A funnel cloud is a rotating column of air that extends from the base of a parent cloud. But, it is only considered to be a tornado when it touches the ground or has a debris cloud or dust whirl beneath it.
  3. Loud roaring noises. On a stormy day, if you hear a noise that sounds like a freight train, but you don’t live near train tracks, it may be time to take action. Tornadoes have been described as making loud noises akin to a rushing waterfall, stampeding bulls or a freight train. It’s still best to rely on information from trusted sources, such as your local weather station or the news to know when it’s best to take shelter. Not all tornadoes are known for creating this sound, and the level of sound will always depend on the size and intensity of the tornado.
  4. Hail coming down. Tornadoes often form during thunderstorms or severe weather. If you see hail coming down, check for other signs of a tornado as this could be a sign one is on the way.
  5. Debris flying around in the area. Debris clouds themselves are another warning sign of tornadoes. As the name implies, a debris cloud is a rotating cloud of dust and debris beneath a funnel cloud or tornado. They are formed when a funnel cloud descends to the ground and begins collecting dust and loose objects. Loose objects in your property could become projectiles that can cause severe damage to your property or others. Ensure that all loose items in your yard are secured or stored away when not in use. 

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Elisa Schmitz
Great tips, thank you! Stay safe, everyone. The weather has been so unpredictable!
The weather has been crazy. Tornado alley is expanding, yikes!

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