AAP Sleep Guidelines: 5 Ways to Help Your Baby Sleep More Safely by Dr. Josephine Dlugopolski - Gach

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4 years ago
AAP Sleep Guidelines: 5 Ways to Help Your Baby Sleep More Safely

One of the important parts of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) sleep guidelines is the actual location of where a baby sleeps. AAP recommends babies share the same room, not the same bed, as parents. But that's only part of keeping Baby safe while sleeping. Other recommendations that reduce the chance of a sleep-related death or injury include:

  • parents not smoking, 
  • making sure infants receive all vaccinations, 
  • breastfeeding, and 
  • routine prenatal care. 

These are only a few. Talk to your pediatrician about how you can make sleep safe and restful for your baby.

Learn more about the American Academy of Pediatric's sleep guidelines here!

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