You Are a Spiritual Skyscraper: How to Listen to Your Vibes! by Annie Burnside

9 years ago
You Are a Spiritual Skyscraper: How to Listen to Your Vibes!

We are not merely human beings. We are actually spiritual skyscrapers picking up all kinds of information every moment like a radio receiver. While many people casually refer to trusting their vibes, I am here to say that vibes are very real and can be utilized moment to moment to enhance our life.

  • Keep a small journal with you at all times to start recording your vibes. Any hunch, bright idea, gut feeling, synchronicity bad vibe or good vibe should be recorded. 
  • Become more quiet throughout your day so that you can hear your vibes as they are the subtle, gentle voice of your soul. It's your inner alert!

You've got this!

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