Spiritual Guidance Isn’t “Out There,” It’s Right Here: 4 Steps to Recognize Love & Support in Our Lives by Diana Cole

3 years ago

Spiritual Guidance Isn’t “Out There,” It’s Right Here: 4 Steps to Recognize Love & Support in Our Lives

People everywhere are continuing to struggle with the day-to-day realities of coronavirus pandemic stress and anxiety. How can we recognize the love and support that is ever present in our lives?

“Have you forgotten what is available to you  the peace, the freedom, the aliveness in the face of all things?” I write in my book, Spirit Translator. “Bringing awareness to the feeling of invisible love and support is life changing.”

  • Believe: The first step to feeling the fresh air of invisible love is simply to believe. Believe that all you want and all you need is here for you, now and always.
  • Remember: Allow yourself to remember the people you have loved who have passed. In your memory of them, you have the ability to harness the energy and the love to help you in the here and now.
  • Express: In what ways do you talk with spirit? Prayer? Meditation? WritingArt? Nature? A casual conversation? You strengthen your line of communication with spirit every time you express an honest emotion. Your vulnerability is the bridge between you.
  • Heal: What if the only difference between the healer and the healed is the deep belief and knowing that divine help is here for us always? Tap into this knowing force that you are a part of.

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Such inspiring advice, thank you. 🙏
Elisa Schmitz
Belief is the foundation and expression is the extension. I love this, Diana Cole . Thank you for your positive inspiration always!
If you believe you can achieve.

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