Magical Mantra for Happiness: I'm Happy, I'm Healthy & I Feel Terrific! by Lisa Faremouth Weber

10 years ago
Magical Mantra for Happiness: I'm Happy, I'm Healthy & I Feel Terrific!

Magical Mantra: "I'm Happy, I'm Healthy and I Feel Terrific!" 

Now is a perfect time to go inside and connect with what you want to release from your life and want you wish to bring into your life. Use your subtle body awareness, the place inside of you that knows what feels good and what feels bad, to point you in the direction of love, pleasure and delight. 

Move your body and find JOY in all you do.

What's your mantra for happiness and health?

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Shannon Richardson
Lately my morning mantra has been “I am peaceful, I am productive, I am calm” before I even get out of bed to set my intention for the day.

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