Autism Understanding Not Awareness: Let's Make April "Autism Acceptance Month" by Renee

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2 years ago

Autism Understanding Not Awareness: Let's Make April "Autism Acceptance Month"

When a person thinks of a National Awareness Month, usually a specific color, symbol and organization comes to mind. As a special education teacher, I always believed I was well versed in all things “special.” 

Last year I began a journey of learning more about autism for reasons that had nothing to do with my profession. As I researched, I quickly learned that I knew very little. Here are five things that I discovered and hope you will consider when deciding how to support the autistic community:

  • Many autistic people do not look forward to the month of April.
  • Many autistic communities do not support the big name organization that promotes "awareness" by using a specific color, ribbon and symbol.
  • Most autistic people prefer identity-first language. This means they prefer to be called “autistics,” “aspie” or “autistic people" as opposed to “person with autism.” But, every individual’s preference should be respected. [img]
  • There are blogs, websites, organizations and informational resources out there produced and managed by autistics. Seek these websites out, like

Looking for more information? Check out this great list of resources from Chris Bonello at

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So helpful, thank you.
Elisa Schmitz
Wonderful insights, Renee Herren . Thank you for sharing so we all can understand better!

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