Barbie Vlog: Wisdom About Mental Health From an Unexpected Place by Cassandra Lee Jones

Mental Health
5 years ago

Who would have thought the doll with a dream house could teach us all a valuable lesson about mental health? We live in a world where kids often look up to those they see on television or on YouTube more than those around them. With YouTube often being criticized for its content for children, it’s nice to see that Barbie, yes Barbie, has her own vlog channel dedicated to helping us raise kind, courageous and self-aware children.

She covers topics that are vital for young children and teens like:

I never imagined as a 25-year-old that I would learn things from an animated doll on YouTube, but I guess that’s what’s wonderful about media today. Share with a kid you love!

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Donna John
I just watched a few of these and they are great! What an awesome resource for parents. Thanks for sharing this with the tribe, Cassandra Lee Jones .
Cassandra Lee Jones
Thanks! I was shocked at how wonderfully insightful they are.
Elisa Schmitz
Who knew?! Great tip, thank you Cassandra Lee Jones !

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