Preparing for Emergencies: Try This Hack to Help You Easily Access Important Family Documents by Amy Meadows

Preparing for Emergencies: Try This Hack to Help You Easily Access Important Family Documents

In an emergency, can you find the documents you need quickly – or perhaps help avoid additional crises during a health-related incident? My mother, an organized and proactive 84-year-old, has ensured that we all have printed copies of her DNR and Living Will, Power of Attorney, etc. That's great, right? Right. Except when you're scrambling to find those pieces of paper at a critical time.

To minimize that risk, I've scanned the documents (TurboScan on my phone is a life-changer, trust me) and uploaded them to Dropbox. I can retrieve them, print them, email them as needed from wherever, whenever. With three of us across three different states, the likelihood of us having hard copies at a moment's notice is slim. Photographs of prescription labels, etc., are easily added to files as well.

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Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
This is a brilliant suggestion, Amy Meadows ! At a time of crisis, you need information at your fingertips. Thank you for the idea to prepare and make it as accessible as possible in times of need!

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