Exercise & Depression: Just One Hour of Exercise a Week Might Help Keep Depression Away by Joy Stephenson-Laws JD

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4 months ago
Exercise & Depression: Just One Hour of Exercise a Week Might Help Keep Depression Away

A study published in the American Journal of Psychiatry suggests that even a reduced workout schedule might still do wonders for your mental health. Even just an hour of exercise each week may help prevent depression. The study examined 33,908 overall healthy adults who had no signs of having a mental illness. Researchers found that 12 percent of future cases of depression could have been prevented if all participants had engaged in at least one hour of physical activity per week. The participants were followed for 11 years.

The study also found that “[u]ndertaking regular leisure-time exercise was associated with reduced incidence of future depression but not anxiety. The majority of this protective effect occurred at low levels of exercise and was observed regardless of intensity.” 

Depression continues to be a major concern in the U.S. It is reported that 1 in 5 people suffer from depression. So it is encouraging to know that there is a positive relationship between even relatively short periods of exercise and depression.

When it comes to performing physical activity, always talk to a competent healthcare professional about the exercises that are appropriate for your age and your health status.

Learn more about how much exercise you need for your age!

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This is great news! Thank you for sharing, Joy Stephenson-Laws JD !

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