Probiotics: How They Help You Improve Brain Function & Digestion! by Michele Gelman

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7 years ago

Probiotics: How They Help You Improve Brain Function & Digestion!

Probiotics are good bacteria that naturally occurs in the gut. We take these as supplements to help re-balance the ratio of beneficial-to-bad bacteria in the gut, while reducing the number of unhelpful microbes. When the gut microbiome is unbalanced, it can affect:

  • digestion
  • moods
  • mental health
  • immune health
  • brain function

Many people think they have their probiotic intake covered because they eat plenty of yogurt, but that is probably the least effective way to influence your gut microbiome unless it is homemade from raw milk from an organic grass fed cow. For probiotics to do their job, we must optimize the conditions for the “good” bacteria to settle in and reproduce. That means eating lots of fruit and vegetables, especially leafy greens.

For more tips on increasing good microbes, creating the ideal conditions for them to proliferate and choosing effective probiotics, click here

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