Just 14 Days of a Sedentary Lifestyle May Affect Your Health: Read This! by Mei Marcie

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6 years ago

Just 14 Days of a Sedentary Lifestyle May Affect Your Health: Read This!

Sometimes we think that if we have been exercising, taking our 10,000 steps daily, etc., a break won't hurt. In a study by the University of Liverpool, 28 physically active healthy adults with a mean age of 25 years and a mean BMI of 25, were asked to reduce activity from 10,000 to 1,500 steps daily. Just after 14 days, there was:

  • loss of skeletal muscle mass
  • reduction of total lean mass
  • loss of leg lean mass
  • increase in total body fat

The researchers, although with a small pool of participants, controlled the study by monitoring dietary meals and ensuring that the results were due to the reduction of physical activity. It is certainly a wake up call that a sedentary lifestyle may adversely affect our health. 

Read more about this study via MNT here.

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Sonia Satra
Definitely a wake-up call! Very scary to think how many of us are sedentary for far more than 14 days. Think I'll go take a walk now...thanks for the reminder!

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