Diet Drinks, Stroke & Dementia: Before You Reach for That Diet Soda Read This! by Nicole DeAvilla

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6 years ago

Diet Drinks, Stroke & Dementia: Before You Reach for That Diet Soda Read This!

You probably reach for that diet drink because you want to lose weight and/or you know that excess added sugar to your diet has heath risks like diabetes, heart disease and obesity. New research, published in the American Heart Association's journal Strokesuggests that artificially sweetened drinks pose their own health risks. They did not find cause-and-effect, so some experts caution drawing firm conclusions.

Researchers analyzed the number of sugary beverages and artificially sweetened soft drinks each person in the study drank from 1991 to 2001. Over the next 10 years they looked to see who suffered stroke or dementia. In the group that drank artificially sweetened beverages once a day – compared to those who did not drink any even if they drank sugary drinks – the risk of suffering a stroke and dementia was tripled! 

Read more about this study via CNN here.

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Donna John
Scary! Years ago I used to drink Diet Coke all day. Now I don't drink it at all unless it's in a mixed drink, and that's not too often either. Thanks for sharing this important information with the tribe, Nicole DeAvilla ! And everyone stay tuned for healthier options from Nicole, too!
Nicole DeAvilla
It is scary! So many people chose diet drinks thinking they were healthier. Glad to finally know!
Meredith Schneider
Thanks for sharing Nicole DeAvilla ! Scary is right Donna John 😳I never was a fan of diet soda always had a weird after taste to me. Drank regular soda till I gave it up completely 5yrs ago. Soda free family here 😊
Nicole DeAvilla
Meredith Schneider I was also always leery about diet sodas. Yay soda free home! :)
Elisa Schmitz
Holy moly! Great info to know, Nicole DeAvilla - thank you for sharing!
Nicole DeAvilla
It is sobering information. Hopefully this tip will help spread the word.

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