Calcium Supplements: Can Self-Prescribing Do More Harm Than Good? by Joy Stephenson-Laws JD

Calcium Supplements: Can Self-Prescribing Do More Harm Than Good?

Calcium keeps our bones and teeth strong and supports a healthy blood pressure. Women, in particular, need sufficient calcium to prevent osteoporosis, especially after menopause. Because of its health benefits, calcium is one of the most popular supplements in the U.S. Despite its popularity, many reputable sources, including Harvard Medical School, recommend that you get the majority of your calcium from food. 

The calcium that many of us receive from supplements may cause negative health effects, such as heart attack and vascular calcification. There are plenty of calcium-rich foods such as:

  • spinach
  • oranges
  • kale
  • broccoli
  • salmon
  • yogurt 
  • tofu

If you are already taking calcium supplements, consult your doctor before you stop taking them.

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