Are You Diabetic? Here's Why You May Want to Reach for the Green Banana! by Joy Stephenson-Laws JD

Are You Diabetic? Here's Why You May Want to Reach for the Green Banana!

Both green and yellow bananas have their own perks, but if you have diabetes you should lean toward the green ones. Bananas get sweeter as they ripen because the banana's chemical composition is changing through the ripening process, turning from starch to sugar. This means the green, unripe bananas have much less sugar than the fully ripe bananas.

Research shows resistant starch, found in green bananas, may improve insulin sensitivity. Resistant starch is a type of starch that “resists” digestion, thereby acting like fiber and making you feel full longer. While many people will continue to eat mostly yellow bananas with brown spots because of their antioxidants, green bananas may be a better option for those with diabetes.

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Donna John
We disagree about the "right" ripeness to eat a banana in my house, Joy Stephenson-Laws JD . I like them really ripe, everyone else likes them barely ripe. I had no idea that the green ones had less sugar. I have many family members with diabetes, so thank you for sharing this.

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