Tick Bite Prevention: 4 Ways to Be Proactive In Fending Off Ticks by Kimberly Johnson

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4 years ago
Tick Bite Prevention: 4 Ways to Be Proactive In Fending Off Ticks

Ticks don’t jump or rain down from the treetops – though my 9-year-old will argue otherwise! Here are four ways to fend off ticks:

  • Play in the sun! Ticks thrive in dark, humid environments. If you have lingering leaf piles, clear them out to reduce the risk of exposure.
  • Wear light-colored clothing to make it easier to spot even the smallest tick. And keep your ankles covered – they travel from the ground up.
  • Keep tweezers or a tick-removal tool easily accessible in your car or on your keychain.
  • Shower, or at least do a quick inspection, before bed each night. Don’t forget to check between toes, behind the knees and especially near your hairline. 

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Donna John
I've found a tick on me (just crawling, thank goodness!), on my dog a couple times and my daughter had one. They are not fun! These tips are so important, Kimberly Johnson . Thanks for sharing them with the tribe. And when removing them, if they're gotten under the skin at all, make sure you get the ENTIRE tick out.
Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
Oh my goodness, YES! I have removed them from my kids and my dog. Not fun, always scary. Thanks for sharing these tips as we head into tick season, Kimberly Johnson !
Katie Sloan
Ticks scare me! These are great tips!
Renee Herren
Ticks certainly are scary! Thanks Kimberly Johnson for sharing these tips! We always do a quick check after spending time outside.
Stephanie Cannoe
My son had Lyme last summer, we never found the tick. He had achy bones and fever., luckily mommy alarms were off, so we finally got the right diagnosis. Such important advice! Thank you.
Donna John
I came home from the dear lease a couple weeks ago with a tick! [All over body shiver.] Great idea to keep a pair on tweezers around. Going to pack those next time. Kimberly Johnson
Erin Musto
We are working hard to be proactive against these 'predators'... thank you.
Donna John
I found a tick on my dog yesterday, so they're out and about. Important to always check when you've been outside. Kimberly Johnson

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