Considering a Tattoo? What You Need to Know About Tattoo Ink! by Mei Marcie

Considering a Tattoo? What You Need to Know About Tattoo Ink!

A report from the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre highlighted the risks of tattoo ink. Tattoo is permanent, and the body has to live with the injected foreign chemicals. These chemicals can pose risks.

  • They may contain heavy metals such as arsenic, lead and nickel.
  • There can be harmful bacteria in the ink.
  • Degradation due to UV radiation releases carcinogenic aromatic amines.

The FDA has also raised concerns about tattoos, specifically the risks of:

  • allergic reactions
  • itchiness and inflammation when exposed to summer sunlight
  • granulomas, or small bumps, that form around areas where the body senses the pigments
  • the spread of tattoo ink to the body’s lymphatic system

Research both the ink and the facility before you get that tattoo! Read more about the study here and more about tattoo ink here!

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Chef Gigi
I'm dead! 120 hours of Chef Ink later!
Donna John
Ha! My daughters want to get a small one together. They've been talking about it forever, tho. They're trying to talk me into doing it with them, but not there yet. It is on my bucket list to get a tiny (tiny, tiny) one ... one day. :-)
Elisa Schmitz
LOL, Chef Gigi Gaggero! And OMG, Donna John - that's a really cool idea, tho!
Mei Marcie
It'd be good to get patch tested for the chemicals in the tattoo! if rashes appear, it could really alter the appearance of the tattoo.
More detailed tips in this post, wrote it when the study on New York Central Park came out. Few things to note are:
#1 Is your skin generally hypersensitive? If yes, it’s best to skip it.

#2 Consider patch testing for the common chemicals used in a tattoo, such as mercury sulfide (cinnabar), ferric hydrate (sienna), sandalwood or brazilwood.

#3 Check regulation monitoring tattoo establishment.

#4 Go to regulated tattoo establishment.

#5 Get a tattoo you won’t regret! It is reported that more than 20% of adults regretted their tattoo choice…

#6 Check the batch number of the pigment used.

#7 Protect your tattoo by keeping it clean and out of the sun. The better your skin heals, the better your tattoo will look.
Donna John
Thank you, Mei Marcie for all the tattoo info. Hopefully it will help people make a more informed decision before getting inked.

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