Sitting Too Long? A Little Stressed? It’s Undercover Yoga to the Rescue! by Nicole DeAvilla

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5 years ago
Sitting Too Long? A Little Stressed? It’s Undercover Yoga to the Rescue!

We all need to manage stress and we all need to move our bodies more throughout the day. But how can we when we are so busy? The answer: Undercover Yoga! 

Whether it's a business meeting or a PTA meeting, you CAN breathe and do yoga moves. Take deep belly breaths frequently to keep centered. Exhale longer than you inhale to reduce stress. Slowly twist and bend sideways like you would for modified chair yoga. Be careful though, it can be contagious!

  Watch my video here to learn more!

Meredith Schneider
So true! Who doesn't need to manage stress? I still use these tips you shared with me 3 yrs ago to help manage stress no matter if I'm in my car or at home at my laptop that helped me to fight away oncoming migraines. Love you Nicole!
Nicole DeAvilla
Sooo happy that you are still benefiting from the yoga tips Meredith! I love you too! xo
Nicole DeAvilla
Thanks Dennison. Glad you like it.

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