Don't Have Enough Frosting for Your Cake? Try This Easy Baking Hack! by Melanie Bierlein

Don't Have Enough Frosting for Your Cake? Try This Easy Baking Hack!

How many times have you been in the middle of making a cake when you realize you don't have enough frosting? No fun, especially in a time crunch. Here's a quick fix that works for me! If you're using canned frosting:

  • scoop the frosting into a large bowl 
  • use a hand mixer to whip it

In just about five minutes, you'll double the amount of frosting you started with, and it's creamier, too. Think of all the money you're saving – and you'll never run out of frosting again!

Donna John
What a great tip, Melanie Bierlein! I've ran out of frosting several times when making a cake. Not again! Thanks for the tip!
Naimah Razak
What a great tip! i wish i knew this a lot sooner but better late than never ;)

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