Pro Pie-Baking Tips: The Secret to Flakier Pie Crust for Thanksgiving by Laura Fuentes

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7 months ago

Pro Pie-Baking Tips: The Secret to Flakier Pie Crust for Thanksgiving

Pie is delicious, but a great crust makes it even better. Did you know that by freezing your pie crust first, you will get a flakier pie crust? Here's how to make the most delicious and flakiest pie crust in town:

  • Make your dough and divide it by rolling the dough to create two round disks.
  • Wrap them in plastic wrap or put them in a quart-sized zipper food storage bag. Freeze the crust for up to four months.
  • When you're ready to use it, simply remove it from the freezer and set it on the counter for 15 to 20 minutes then roll it out.

Here are some more pie crust tips I've learned over the years:

  1. Use ice-cold butter or shortening. 
  2. Leave some butter or fat chunks in the dough.
  3. Use water sparingly.
  4. Make a disc out of the prepared dough. 
  5. Always refrigerate your pie dough. 
  6. Turn the dough as you're rolling it out. 
  7. Chill your pie plate before putting the dough into it. 

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Donna John
You have inspired me, Laura Fuentes . I always buy premade pie crusts. My grandma, on the other hand, always made from scratch. I actually got her rolling pin after she passed, so I really need to try my hand at pie crust. Thanks for the great tips! Tomorrow is National Pie Day. Maybe I'll try one tomorrow. :-)
Elisa Schmitz
Who knew? Many thanks for the great pie crust tips! #yum

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