The Best Vegan Cookbooks: 3 Books Everyone Eating a Plant-based Diet Needs to Own! by Sara Saidy

2 years ago
The Best Vegan Cookbooks: 3 Books Everyone Eating a Plant-based Diet Needs to Own!

There are lots of amazing vegan cookbooks, recipes, restaurants, food fairs, cosmetics, shoes and clothing brands with thousands of products readily available on the market (in retail and online). And you no longer need to live in a large metropolis to have access to them. Some of my favorite vegan cookbooks are:

Thanks to the ever-growing demand, you can now find vegan options at any restaurant and supermarket. And don’t forget to look for vegan restaurants. They are popping up everywhere and they are really fun! Once you start going vegan-ish, a whole word is going to open up to you – and for you – that you may have had no idea existed! It’s fun, it’s exciting, it’s vibrant and healthy, and more importantly, it’s KIND.

I’d love to hear about your journey and I invite you to leave comments and share best tips, recipes, best practices, challenges and questions about going vegan.

Enjoy your journey toward a KINDer lifestyle!

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Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
Great suggestions, Sara Saidy ! I have to get Chloe Coscarelli's cookbook. I am loving her recipes on 30Seconds: Thank you for sharing!
Sheri B Doyle
Thank you for these recommendations Sara Saidy ! Trying to pick a good cookbook is so overwhelming!

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