"Weavertown School Family Cooking" Cookbook: Amish Recipe Titles That Keep You Guessing! by Tiffany Zook

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4 years ago

"Weavertown School Family Cooking" Cookbook: Amish Recipe Titles That Keep You Guessing!

Wonder why families travel great distances to visit Lancaster, Pennsylvania’s Amish Country? For the handcrafted furniture? The scenic landscapes? A buggy ride? Better yet, the amazing Pennsylvania Dutch cooking!

When I was first married, my mother-in-law gifted me the "Weavertown School Family Cooking: A Collection of Amish and Mennonite Recipes," a 342-page collection of Amish and Mennonite recipes. These are the recipes my husband grew up with – whoopie pies, chipped beef gravy, zucchini casserole and ham loaf. Surprise your family today with a traditional Amish meal, lovingly prepared. Buggy ride not included.

I love reading the recipe titles in this cookbook. You'll find your Amish culinary favorites like whoopie pies, sho-fly pie and ham loaf. But it's the lesser-known recipes that really intrigue me. Recipes like:

  • "Grandkids' Favorite French Toast" 
  • "Amish Hats"
  • "Prune Cake" 
  • "Wiggles"
  • "Thrifty Steak"
  • "Porcupine Balls"
  • "Minnie Ha Ha Cake" 

And the infamous "Gunk & Mush" (no joke, it's on page 52). There are even recipes for homemade baby wipes and pinata paste. I'm thinking of trying the "Glorified Baked Beans" with "Mexican Haystacks" and "Shipwreck" next.

When you visit Lancaster County, be sure to stop at the local restaurants and ask for these favorites by name.

"Memories made around the table, to tell their value, who is able. If ever one should go astray, those memories may help them find the way." – Marilyn Martin, “Weavertown School Family Cooking

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Donna John
I love recipe titles like that, too. I actually know what Porcupine Meatballs are. Grew up eating them. I've been meaning to publish my recipe. Will have to do that soon. Tiffany Zook
Mei Marcie
The book looks amazing! Tiffany Zook And Donna John you must let us all know when your recipes are published!

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