Feel Good About Field Goods: Quality Farm Products Delivered to Your Door by Dr. Jamie Krenn

7 years ago

Feel Good About Field Goods: Quality Farm Products Delivered to Your Door

This week, I discovered a wonderful food program called Field Goods that offers delivery to workplace and community locations in the northeast area. My daughter was so excited about the "surprise of produce," that she crafted a crisp salad and ate fresh spinach out of the bag! This program provides any rookie chef a new lease on food fun.

Field Goods is an all-around food support system with nutrition research to back claims, and 40 percent of subscribers reported healthier food choices after three months! They offer weekly tips and recipes for not-so-common produce. Customers can select bag sizes that work for them. Extra additions include fresh local cheese, bread, pasta, butter and more. Choose weekly or bi-weekly programs.

Sign up for the chance to watch your kid eat spinach out of the bag! If Field Goods is not in your area, check online for programs similar. You'll be glad you did!

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Donna John
I love programs like this, @jkrenn. We have a couple in my area. Thanks for the reminder to reach out to one of them. It's too bad you can find a McDonald's on almost every corner, but can't find a farmer's market.
Elisa Schmitz
Love this! Thanks for sharing, Dr. Jamie Krenn! #yum #healthy
Meredith Schneider
Oh wow! Love this Dr. Jamie Krenn Agree Donna John too bad farmers markets are not on every corner. Best memories I have growing up going to the farmers markets in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.
Rachel W. Lewter
Sometimes I feel as if I live in the jungle. We don't have fresh food delivery, pizza or Chinese food delivery, cable, real internet, but we have running water and electricity. 😬😬

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