Capture the Essence of New Orleans Cooking: How to Make the "Holy Trinity" by Kara Bachman

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6 years ago

Capture the Essence of New Orleans Cooking: How to Make the "Holy Trinity"

If you're trying to master New Orleans-style creole or Cajun cooking, it's important to know about the "holy trinity" of seasoning. When making a dish – gumbo, red beans and rice, etouffee, jambalaya – you won't go wrong if you remember that what we locals call the "Holy Trinity" should always be your basic seasoning trio. Always!

You’ll need:

  • chopped onions
  • chopped green bell peppers
  • chopped celery

Once you understand how important this trio is, it'll be easier for you to cook "N'awlins" style or create your own NOLA recipes off the cuff. Now, you can:

  • Add sausage and rice for a very basic jambalaya.
  • Add these to a roux, add bone-in chicken and make a chicken stew or gumbo.
  • Create your own recipes by experimenting with different meats and veggies!

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