Not an Okra Fan? Try This Cooking Hack to Get Rid of the Goo! by Kara Bachman

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7 years ago

Not an Okra Fan? Try This Cooking Hack to Get Rid of the Goo!

Whether you're making a great gumbo or just stewing some okra with tomatoes, there's a way to do it that results in a much more delectable dish. Many don't like cooking with okra because it tends to get a "gooey" texture that's often described as "slimy." But it need not be that way! Many home cooks here in Louisiana, who cook often with okra when making gumbo, know the secret is to dry it out before adding it to the final dish. Here's how!

  • Spread sliced okra on a cookie sheet and bake, uncovered, on low (around 350 degrees F or so) for about 30 minutes, stirring it a little at about the 15-minute mark.
  • You can do the same thing with frozen okra. Simply increase the time cooking time a bit to about 40 minutes.

You will be surprised that all the "slime" will have mostly disappeared!

Donna John
I love orka, @80sMomKara. Love this hack to get rid of the "slime." I love it in gumbo and I also cook it down with tomatoes, bacon, onion and Tabasco sauce. Good stuff! Thanks for the tips!
Kara Bachman
I love okra too. I think if more people knew to bake it first it wouldn't be such a love/hate vegetable.
Candy Stephens
Mmmmmmm.....okra and tomatoes!

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