Meet Sherry! 5 Facts About Sherry That Most People Don't Know! by Rachel Portell

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7 years ago

Meet Sherry! 5 Facts About Sherry That Most People Don't Know!

Let’s dispel the misguided belief that sherry is a sweet, sticky wine better suited for generations far beyond our own. I hope these five quick facts will encourage you to go out and revel in the deliciousness of quality sherry!

  • Most fine sherries are bone dry!
  • Dry sherry styles are determined by the way the wine is aged: under flor (no oxygen) – fino and manzanilla (light, complex); in contact with oxygen – oloroso (dark, full bodied); hybrid – amontillado and palo cortado (intermediate).
  • True sherry can only come from on location, Andalucía in southern Spain.
  • Sherry is meant for food! Enjoy sherry with salty snacks, seafood, white and cured meats or cheeses.
  • Serve finos and manzanillas chilled.

And enjoy your sherry in a white wine glass!

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Donna John
I have to admit I've never ordered a sherry, Rachel Portell . Think I may have to try one now. Thanks for sharing! Look forward to more wine wisdom from you!
Rachel Portell
If you like dry wine go for the Fino/Manzanilla and if you like richer wines order an Oloroso. You won't be disappointed, cheers!
Dr. Shayna Mancuso
Love this! Thank you...AND research has shown that the Spanish sherries may actually reduce your cholesterol levels.
Another win for Sherry !
Rachel Portell
I did not know that, amazing! Cheers!
Elisa Schmitz
Great first tip, Rachel Portell, thank you! Can you drink sherry out of a #30Seconds wine glass?! 😀 Cheers!!!
Rachel Portell
Thank you! And yes, while a white wine glass is recommended, I'd say that 30 Second wine glass is best! I need a few :)
Elisa Schmitz
Yes, you do! Email me your address please, @rachelportell. #cheers!!
Meredith Schneider
Awesome tip! I have to say my red wine tastes amazing in my #30Seconds wine glass! Cheers!

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