Confused About Cooking Oils? The Pros & Cons of 4 Popular Oils! by Felicia Stoler

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7 years ago

Confused About Cooking Oils? The Pros & Cons of 4 Popular Oils!

Not sure what cooking oil to use? Here are some pros and cons for a few of the cooking oils now commonly found on store shelves!

  • Olive oil – Rich in mono-unsaturated fat, this oil is great for your heart and skin health. Not great for heat, as it degrades before 400 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Malaysian palm fruit oil – Buttery flavor, full of good fats, loaded with tocotrienols (a member of the vitamin E family), non-GMO, and stable in high heats. Palm oil from Malaysia is also always sustainable, but the country of origin not always listed.
  • Coconut oil – Medium-chain fatty acids help with managing weight. The oil is not great for heat, as it breaks down at 350 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Sunflower oil – Rich in vitamin E and tocotrienols. Contains inflammatory compounds and is better for rubbing on cuticles or smoothing into hair.

 Remember, always use fats in moderation. 

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