Is Your Money Happy or Unhappy? How to Transform Your Relationship With Money Finances

Ken Honda
2 years ago

Many Americans are looking for new ways to bring calm and ease into their lives amid the stresses life throws at them. Our emotional intelligence with money – regardless of how much or how little we have – is a huge indicator of how happy or unhappy our life is.

There are two kinds of money in the world: happy money and unhappy money.

  • Happy Money: Happy money is all money circulated with love, care and friendship. A key factor in creating a happy money flow is to give something extra, whether it’s a few dollars donated to hurricane relief efforts, supporting a struggling local business or even the gift of your time and energy to help someone. Even if the currency is not monetary, giving something extra lets people know they are cared for. It is like making an investment in the emotional well-being of yourself and your community.
  • Unhappy Money: Unhappy money is money circulated in frustration, anger, sadness and despair. In times of struggle or uncertainty, it can be especially hard to see and feel the abundance of money in the world, or to know how to tap into new opportunities when all we can see are the opportunities we’ve lost. Our anxiety around money can keep us from seeing new opportunities clearly, but transforming our relationship with money can transform our lives, as well.

So much money exists in the world. There is so much money out there right now spreading happiness and love. But so much is spreading sadness and fear, too. Transform your relationship with money from fear to freedom and you will begin to see your life mirror that same transformation.

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Comments (6)

Gwen Johnson
My money can't decide what it is. :-) Needs medication. lol Seriously, great advice here. Ken Honda
Elisa Schmitz
Wow, what an interesting perspective. Helps to reframe thinking about money and finance. Many thanks for sharing your wisdom, Ken Honda !
Gregory Mahn
Thanks for the interesting article, I hope it helps me.
Albert Fouerti
Thanks for Sharing
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