How to Reduce or Get Rid of Medical Debt: 3 Ways to Handle Those Hospital and Doctor Bills by Andy

4 years ago

How to Reduce or Get Rid of Medical Debt: 3 Ways to Handle Those Hospital and Doctor Bills

Medical debt has become a serious subject among financial experts and medical bill lawyers or advocates. The price of products and services has been increasing in the medical industry continuously, and this price surge is not going to stop anytime soon. So, the burden is on you on how you will pay off those medical bills or how you will avoid them all together. Here are three tips to help put an end to or reduce your medical debt:

1. Pay Off Existing Medical Debt By Doing Proper Negotiation

There’s no harm in asking for a reduction of your debts. There's a good chance that doctors, hospitals and medical institutions may agree to a settlement offer posed by you. Remember, even a single dollar saved is still some money in your pocket. And, on debts of $1000 or more, you may get a couple hundred dollars waived off due to a settlement deal.

2. Consult Medical Debt Lawyers

Another option to handle medical debts is to hire a medical debt lawyer and let that professional manage the debt accounts for you. You can say this is a continuation of the previous point. A medical debt lawyer is an expert in medical debt negotiation, insurance claims and organizing debt payments. 

If you have medical debt in collections, then you've got to be smart paying off the collection accounts. This is when a medical debt lawyer can help you the most. Collection agencies can add extra charges and penalty fees on the backlogged debts. No one will give you better debt-relief assistance than your own personal lawyer. Even though you have to pay fees, many times it is worth it, as you will be saving money on your total owed debt amounts.

3. Have Ample Savings in Your Emergency Fund

It's important to save money. My suggestion is to set up a separate account as an emergency fund, starting right now. If you have a good amount saved up, then it will work as a great backup when unexpected medical expenses arise. No matter what way to debt freedom you follow, unless you are saving money, you can’t expect to live a life without debts.

Don’t let medical debts hold you back from tasting financial independence!

The information is for informational purposes only. It should not be considered legal or financial advice. 

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