Family Meetings: 5 Ways They Can Unfrazzle Family Life & Make More Time for What Matters by DoingGoodTogether

5 years ago

Family Meetings: 5 Ways They Can Unfrazzle Family Life & Make More Time for What Matters

Research continues to place family meetings at the very center of a well-communicating family. Here are five ways family meetings will make a difference for your family:

  • First, you'll free up measurable time by eliminating items from your calendar that aren't working for you. 
  • Second, you'll communicate your core values to your children. These meetings are an opportunity to explain why we've said no to an exciting new hobby or event, and they remind us what we are saying yes to and why.
  • Third, you'll strengthen your whole family's sense of empathy and responsibility for one another, by taking the time to ask and really listen to the goals, fears and joys of one another. 
  • Fourth, you'll teach responsibility by setting high expectations for contributions to chores and meal preparation.
  • Finally, you'll feel less busy, even with a full calendar. When what remains has been chosen, intentionally and with the big picture in mind, you no longer begrudge the next thing on your to-do list.

Obviously, these meetings aren't magical. You won't be significantly less busy. But life just might have fewer white caps and more still waters than it did before.

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Elisa Schmitz
I always find family meetings invaluable. Thank you for these awesome tips, DoingGoodTogether ! Sarah Aadland
Sarah Aadland
I'm glad you appreciate the tips! I know family meetings aren't a new idea, but I definitely find my family (and our member families DoingGoodTogether ) run more smoothly when we take time to "huddle" like a team!
Ann Marie Patitucci
I love this. You've reminded me that it's time for a family meeting at our home, DoingGoodTogether ! Thank you.
Sarah Aadland
So glad! You might enjoy the free printable "meeting agenda" I created for DoingGoodTogether ... My family loves it! find it here:
Michael Kennedy
This is a great reminder, especially as a new school year approaches in our house. Our Sunday night family meetings are back!
Sarah Aadland
Just in time, right? My family is also just getting back into the habit! The summer break was a fun reminder that a little structure and a little planning do make things easier (at least on us parents!)

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