Cascarones for Easter: Why Mexican Confetti Eggs Are an Easter Tradition by Tiffany Zook

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19 days ago

Cascarones for Easter: Why Mexican Confetti Eggs Are an Easter Tradition

The best part about living on the southern border is the rich Mexican traditions we get to learn about and participate in. Kids and adults alike are gearing up for another neighborhood game of "tag," but with this fun twist. 

During Easter, dozens of cascarones are brought out. Children will try to sneak up and smash the confetti-filled eggshells on an unsuspecting friend. "The idea was first seen in Asia and later brought to Italy by the explorer Marco Polo. The eggs were often given as gifts and were filled with perfumed powder. The custom then traveled to Spain and was later brought to Mexico in the mid-1800s by Emperor Maximilian’s wife. It was in Mexico that the perfumed powder was replaced with confetti," reports The Austin Times.

Having a cascarone smashed on your head is believed to bring good luck. Buy them in bulk or make your own cascarones. Confetti eggs are fun for birthday celebrations, graduation parties and Cinco de Mayo. 

Wishing you a colorful confetti head this Easter season!

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Donna John
Those two cuties in the main photo are my grandson and nephew. The man at the bottom of the tip, who should have lots of luck from all the confetti, is my father-in-law. Cannot wait to do this again Saturday! Tiffany Zook Ashlee Smith
Tiffany Zook
We just mailed some up north to friends.
Elisa Schmitz
How fun is this?! Wonderful idea, Tiffany Zook , thank you for sharing. And Donna John , those photos are priceless!!! xoxo #cutestkidever Ashlee Smith
Mike Prochaska
My kids came home from school
Last week telling me about his. I didn’t know
What they were talking about At first
Marge Jesberger
a fun way to celebrate for all cultures
Donna John
Ready for our cascarones fight this Saturday. :-) Tiffany Zook
Holly Budde
I got mine last night Donna John we are throwing confetti eggs this evening too
Marge Jesberger
Good article Looks like fun

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