Thinking of Buying a Home? 6 Things NOT to Do With Your Finances! by Heather Bragg

4 years ago
Thinking of Buying a Home? 6 Things NOT to Do With Your Finances!

Shopping for a new home is an exciting time, but did you know you need to get a pre-approval letter from a mortgage broker to see most homes for sale? Here are tips on what not to do from mortgage broker Jennifer De Vries before seeking a mortgage. Do not…

  • Open or close any new credit lines.
  • Move money frequently around between accounts in the most recent 60 to 90 days.
  • Make “cash” deposit into one’s account unless it can be documented.
  • Deposit a large amount (especially cash) into your account unless you can provide the source and document paper trail of the funds and the donor.
  • Do not co-sign for others on their mortgage, student loans, and/or installment loans, etc.
  • Do not change the way income is earned or paid. For example, from an employee (W2) to consultant (1099).

After you get your pre-approval letter, do go find your dream home!

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