Style & Fashion: It's Time to Wear YOU in Society by Darrell Hemsley

5 years ago

Style & Fashion: It's Time to Wear YOU in Society

Style. That elusive thing we scramble to figure out. Inspiration derives from magazines, street fashion, nature and so on. The social media platform has endorsed a new school of Style Influencers. Style is more than just fashion; it’s your walk, your talk, your personal way of wearing you in society. Whether you’re rocking your latest Balmain artifact, thrift store treasure or Walmart’s guilty pleasure, it’s style. Style is the manifestation of your reflection, self-approved, unfiltered and confident. Continue to live in it.

Style is an infectious play off of your confidence. From the flow of your oversized duster that gently sweeps the ground to your 90’s retro mom jeans, to those 6-inch red bottoms and even the sway in your hips as you walk the imaginary runway. When you receive that tingle in your gut, twinkle in your eye, sway in your step, you’re style-confident.

Owning your style is not a trend, but the nirvana of self-existence. Style’s validation is approved by your standard, not the artificial constructs and boundaries that can dilute your self-notion. You set the standard because you believe in wearing YOU.

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Elisa Schmitz
"Style is an infectious play off of your confidence." OK, so I LOVE this. You are spot on, Darrell Hemsley , and yet I never thought of it exactly like that. Thank you for this creative post. We need to own our style and wear ourselves. How cool is that?! Welcome to 30Seconds. Can't wait to read more from you!
"Owning your style is not a trend, but the nirvana of self-existence." Wow! What a statement! I have yet to "own" my style but I am getting there! Thank you so much for this tip. I look forward to reading more from you!

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