Stonecrop: Could This Succulent Houseplant Be the Secret to Younger-looking Skin? by Belinda Lichty Clarke

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2 years ago

The stonecrop plant, also known as sedum, is a pretty, house-friendly succulent you'd find in your kitchen window box. It's also a key source the Hungarian organic skin-care line, Eminence, has tapped to promote healthier, smoother skin. 

Used by herbalists to treat eczema, skin ulcers and burns, stone crop has not only demonstrated healing properties, but works to minimize hyper pigmentation and help brighten the skin. For summer, try the Stone Crop Hydrating Mist to boost moisture and to soothe dry skin.

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Donna John
So interesting, Belinda Lichty Clarke . I had no idea succulents were used for skin care. Going to definitely look into this company's products. Thanks for sharing!

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